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Toys have always fascinated me in ways beyond my thrill! The joy of having a superhero or a ball in your grip while imagining other worldly adventures was such an exhilarating feeling. Toys have played a vital and crucial role in shaping and developing our personalities.

When you see an amazing little toy that’s simply eye-catching or, something with which you make an instant connect; like owning an action figure toy or crazy bouncy ball, you get hooked in no time. Sometimes, parents after hearing the price of various toys just strictly deny buying it as it is an expensive toy, leaving the child in a heartbreak situation. This impacts the mental health and wellbeing. Parents feel disheartened as they either can’t afford to buy or think toys as unnecessary distractions for their loved ones.

In the past, mass-produced toys were seen as a near-luxury item. One that was only affordable to the wealthy. But in recent years, there has been a shift in economic climate and now it is possible for parents to buy their kids toys that are both affordable and fun.

Affordable toys are a great way to buy loads of toys for your children and to introduce them to new curiosity-generating toys to make them get involved and feel loved. Affordable toys are such kind of toys which are often made with non-toxic plastic and are much more durable than any other toys.

In today's day and age, just getting toys isn't enough as more parents across the world are looking for ways to get affordable and safer toys for their little ones to play with. The affordability of toys is a major concern being seen most across Indian families.

In a recent study, surveying the demographics of Indian households there has been an increase in the no. of middle class households across India. Many families cannot afford to purchase toys for their children, which can have a negative impact on their overall, cognitive development.

Affordability plays a key role to all toy manufacturing companies out there who want to expand their customer base and lend a reaching hand to all those middle-income parents. First Crawl understands the needs of concerned parents and have developed strategic manufacturing processes, which enables them to manufacture not just toys which are affordable but toys which are of exceptional quality and easily accessible to you.

When it comes to thinking of affordability, First Crawl thinks not from its pockets but from your pockets as they not only understand your child's needs but from your affordability perspective as well.

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