The very first moment your child opens its eyes to this fascinating world, learning begins! Their eyes open and they learn, “Woah, it’s so bright out here!” Then the baby starts to learn to use its voice and it turns to a cry and then they experience that Mommy’s arms and Daddy’s warm hug, are the most secured feeling to be in. With its growing days, each sensation, the observations in a mix of curiosity is an experience that’s absolutely fresh and worth growing up with!

Unlocking your child’s learning potential happens naturally. Little ones initially absorb information through being at home, in your kitchen, in your bathtub playing with floaty toys and in your bed while you read, sing and snuggle the moments into making memories great. Their minds are literally like sponges! This is best time to introduce them to a wide variety of educational toys which they can grab onto and soak in all the educational juices it provides.

If you’re anything like us at First Crawl, you’ll probably spend as much time playing with your kid as you do watching them. There are endless medleys of educational toys on the market that will help unlock your child’s potential.


  • Stacking and Building Blocks: This simple stacking and sorting are the best educational toys for kids – helps them to shape their unbiased imagination and establish questioning skills.
  • Pretend Play Kits: Pretending to be ‘you’ as a kid is often a result of your child observing you working in the kitchen or getting your hands dirty in the garage. Toys like a tea set or mechanical tool set gives your child a real life experience right at your home.   
  • Art and Craft Kits: Ever noticed how excited kids get when they see colours, art and craft to unleash their creativity.
  • Puzzles: Puzzles are amazing educational toys for your kids – helps them improve problem-solving skills, analyse and strategize various complex situations later on in their lives.

First Crawl’s exceptional collections of educational toys for your kids are the perfect way for your little ones to start their fun-filled learning journey. First Crawl provides drawing boards, puzzles and has an entire section dedicated to activity toys which would definitely keep them intrigued, energetic and engaged all through their growing up journey.

Educational toys are not just for kids! It is a great way to enliven your child’s mind and help expand your child’s learning potential. You can never underestimate the importance of education even as a toddler, so it’s important to engage with toys that helps your child learn along the way and make a long lasting impression.

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