Toys: Learning through play

Learning & fun together

Without exception, all children like to indulge in playful activities, which gives them immense joy and contributes to the happy times of their childhood. However, toddlers spend much of their time playing, which is important since it helps them develop their brain  rather than just pass the time.

 It helps children work towards their developmental milestones and boosts self-esteem, curiosity, and imagination building, whilst offering much-needed fun and enjoyment during childhood. It is a significant factor in the early years; a pivotal stage and supports several vital social development abilities, including speech and cognitive development as well as cooperation, sharing & caring, and turn-taking too.



Toddler’s playtime should include a range of activities that will benefit your child's long-term development. Find things to do with your kids they enjoy and encourage them to explore their imagination with creativity. Fun-based learning is a fantastic approach to instil knowledge in the minds of young children. Similarly, the number of time youngsters spend playing alone or with other children influences the habits they develop in their day-to-day life.


Tent House: A Child's Space

For example, playing in a tent house has its benefits too. Children work up magical stories on their own to spend their time. A tent house can be a wonderful little corner for all kinds of jigsaw puzzles, colouring books, and open-ended toys. What's better than a cool cave for yourself when you're pretending to be a dangerous tiger from the deepest and darkest forests around! FirstCrawl is renowned for delivering flexible & versatile toys for encouraging joyous leisure activities from all around. Your child’s joy & development is FirstCrawl’s top most priority.

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