India’s Toy Giants

Children learn through doing, by trying new things, experimenting and making connections and toys play a significant role in their growing up years. India’s toy manufacturing industry has been on the rise; growing in the past few years to a walloping $1.5 billion industry with potential to grow to $ 2-3 billion industry by 2024.

With the increasing demands of toys growing rapidly in the country, India’s toy manufacturers, mostly situated in regions like NCR, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and various other locations across India. Various competitors rising in the toy manufacturing industry in parts of Punjab like Nindi toys, New Star Plastic Industry, Top Toys India, etc. have promising potential to grow to about 10-15% with the rise in domestic demand for toys in the country.

In recent years extraordinary rise across cute little hands and feet for toys come the next emerging toy giants seen in Punjab are ‘FIRST CRAWL’ – an online company manufacturing and selling toys and rides for your little ones at the most reasonable prices through an exciting online shopping experience. The mission at First Crawl is to provide impressive quality products to its customers at the lowest prices ever. First Crawl toys for kids include a large variety of thrilling rides for your little ones like baby tricycles, walkers, riders, swing cars, cribs and bassinets and more.

First Crawls exclusive toy collection include carom boards, writing boards, basketball, tent house and slide to keep your loved ones engaged and happy throughout the day. First Crawl’s main motive is to offer products to your tiny giants at a real interesting deal.

India is expanding as an ever-expanding ocean in the global toy industry. As seen from earlier reports India with the fastest growing economies, is fast emerging as a rising competitor in the toy manufacturing game in the region. First Crawl has established its growing presence across the Indian toy market by providing its customers a seamless shopping experience at

With a huge rise in population in India and an expanding toy industry to conquer, India is now being seen as a leading manufacturer of toys and the new breeding grounds for manufacturing of toys and developing the new manufacturing hub in India, overtaking China as the leading supplier. The Indian toy industry is likely to overtake the current toy giant China by the year 2027.

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