India: An evolving baby in the toy industry!

Babies are fascinating, curious and are always are a bundle of joy; always in inquisitive for learning, fun and excitement. All through the early stages of their growing up, the discoveries begin by crawling, standing, falling and tottering and getting up – an experience you can watch for hours!

Staying inspired by our little ones, India is also taking baby steps towards becoming the leading toy manufacturer in this industry cutting out the need to look for Chinese suppliers in the future.

According to a recent study, Noida is seen to be the next big marketing hub for all of India’s major toy giants with more than 134 toy companies being granted land in the Toy Park coming up with a walloping overall investment of Rs 410.13 Crore. This hub is going to be central and the epitome of growth amongst the toy industry giants. YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) has claimed that this mammoth Toy Park will have an employment potential of more than 6157 people.

As India is about to celebrate its 75th Independence Day, Prime minister Narendra Modi shared his proud feelings towards the upcoming startup toy companies which have revolutionized the toy industry in a dramatic and innovative way. In his latest program of “Mann ki baat” for the month of July our honourable prime minister was proud to share that India is focusing on spreading its history and culture through its toys to reach and inspire the young generation. Various startups like Shumee toys in Bangalore have been focusing solely on providing eco friendly toys across India, whereas companies like ARKIDZOO in Gujarat have Art based flash cards and Art based story books.  One of the most innovative ventures, FUNVENTION, a Pune based toy manufacturer has interesting ways to engage kids with science, technology and math with their innovative toys and activity based puzzles. The Indian toy industry is focusing on transferring India’s rich culture and traditions to the curious minds of kids across India.

North India’s Toy Giant, ‘First Crawl’ is stepping into top gear towards this path breaking venture by celebrating Independence Day as a toy manufacturer who wants independence in the toy industry to reach the hearts of millions of kids by transferring their love, culture, tradition and freedom through its exclusive range of toys.

The toy park which is going to be seen as a step towards independence for all toy industries is an initiative set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath to ensure that state of the art technology is used in manufacturing high quality, more durable and cheaper toys than its Chinese competitors. The demand for toys in India is growing at fast pace than the global rate and its demand is excessively rising from 10-15%. The toy industry is going to take a big leap by becoming a Rs 147-221 billion industry by the year 2024.Its the next step of freedom for the toy giants of India.

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