Different ages for India’s Little Giants!

Why are toys so important to children? How have they evolved over time? Toys are generally thought of as objects that children use for play. However, toys can also be used for educational and developmental purposes. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, children who play with toys that encourage them to be active, use their imaginations, and interact with other children, tend to have better cognitive and social skills and do better in school than children who do not have access to such toys.

Toys are like the building blocks of a child’s mind. Be it a small teddy bear, a simple ball or a superhero action figure; toys have always intrigued the ever-curious minds of children. Across age groups different types of toys are available to stimulate, engage, encourage and inspire their growth and development.

When choosing toys for your children, it is important to keep in mind their age. Toys for infants and toddlers differ from those for older children. Toys for toddlers need to be stimulating, colourful and noisy. Toys represent diverse sense of emotions and should be chosen thoughtfully.

Older children, ages 3-5, are beginning to understand the world around them. Toys that encourage them to use their imagination are ideal. Puzzles, building blocks, and simple dolls are all good choices.

Children between 6 to 8 years are beginning to think more abstractly and understand emotions. Toys that encourage ‘pretence’ play, such as dolls and dress-up clothes, board games and simple sports equipment are also good options.

First Crawl offers your loving little giants, the appropriate toys with the aim to not only manufacture toys but to bring the correct set of toys. Different age groups require different types of toys in order to facilitate their learning and development. This is where First Crawl makes a noticeable dent with consistent customer behaviour, market trends and needs. A wide range of toys are available at first crawl from toddlers to pre-schoolers.

For infants and toddlers, simple toys that inspire curiosity and sensory development are ideal. These can include soft dolls, blocks, and shape sorters. As children get older, they will begin to develop more complex skills and interests, and will require toys that can help them to explore these. For example, pre-schoolers may enjoy puzzles, dress-up clothes, and simple art supplies.

First Crawl not only manufactures toys, they shape, develop and encourage children to keep growing in mind and confidence.

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